Whos WHO Gacha

You can now try and collect all 13 Doctor Who figurines from the Whos WHO Gacha. These small legoesque figures are inspired by all 12 incarnations thus far and the War Doctor. You can see true to size examples in the store standing on the TV Gacha Machine.


The Whos WHO Gacha can be played inworld at the mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De%20Newenham/237/230/69

My Little Corner of Space

This space inspired nook is perfect for those quiet moments alone inworld. Decorated with outerspace themed images the bench area contains 18 single sit animations including two reading ones.


My Little Corner of Space can be found inworld at the mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De%20Newenham/237/230/69

or at online at the MarketPlace :https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/166833

Who’s Who Hunt 2015


Get ready to hunt down all things WHO. Not only is there the reagular hunt path but at the end a small maze will lead you to a last set of gifts from the hunt sponsors!

FlyingArts is excited to be a part of this scifi themed hunt. Our hunt gift is inspired by Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor.

WHOs Opus #3 is a working radio tuner hidden in a Victrola. The item is mainly mesh with a land impact of 8. There are 5 stations preset : Krypton Radio (home of MarkWHO42s WHOniverse), SciFi OTR, Radio Riel, Steampunk – Radio Riel, Deiselpunk – Radio Riel. You can even add your own favorties in following the included instructions.


The item itself features an antiqued table with a velvet cloth covering, a bit of torn lace under a photo of Bessie I took at the 50th celebration in London, some records with TARDIS images on them and a lovely victrola.


So come on by and see if you can figure out WHOs pants would you choose?