April in WonderLand Hunt 2015


Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole again from April 1-30, 2015. The hint list and prize previews should be found here : http://wonderlandhunts.blogspot.com/ .

FlyingArts has a great little literary nook for those who untangle the rhyme :
The CAT knows, but he’s not talking.
He just keeps smiling, till even that disappears.

The Alice Nook has a land impact of 3 and is decorated with hand colored illustrations from the original book. It also has 18 single animations ranging from sitting to reading to dreaming.


Side panel decorations:


Drawer detail shot:



My Little Corner of Space

This space inspired nook is perfect for those quiet moments alone inworld. Decorated with outerspace themed images the bench area contains 18 single sit animations including two reading ones.


My Little Corner of Space can be found inworld at the mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De%20Newenham/237/230/69

or at online at the MarketPlace :https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/166833