Quoth The Raven Hunt Sep 7-30

The Summer has come to a close, the nights are slowly drawing in. The heady scent of burning leaves and patchouli fill the air as our minds turn towards the darkness of the coming season. The theme for this hunt is anything dark or Gothic. The hunt object is a raven.

Hunt Hints: http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/qtrhhints

Hunt Prizes: http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/qtrhprizes

We are offering up the Nevermore Chair. Mesh build of 11 landimpact with 18 animations for a single avatar. Touch the raven on the stand for a raven sound and touch the wooden raven on the chair for spooky stormy sound.


Things That make You go HMM Hunt Aug 7-30

Ever seen something that leaves you scratching your head yet strangely wanting more of it? This hunt is for all of those weird and wonderful things that make you go hmm… The hunt object is an open box with a question mark in it.

Hunt Hints: http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/ttmyghhhints

Hunt Prizes: http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/ttmyghhprizes

We are offering up the Formation of Unknown Origins

A mesh scene 12 land impact with 30 hers, 28 his and 23 couples animations

Around the Grid Hunt Jul 13-Sep 30

It’s back take a trip across the grid in one of the most expansive hunts in Second Life. Visit over 100 participating stores and venues finding new favorites and reacquainting yourself with old favorites.

We are offering up this gorgeous little corner garden spot. You can see and test out the prizes as usual near the landing spot.

Four Seasons Hunt 2 July 8-30

Find unique gifts representing all four seasons in this fun hunt.

Representing Winter we are offering this little snowy forest scene complete with bench that sits two avatars and contains some very sweet couples animations.

You can see and try out the prize as usual nearby the landing point at the store.

Can’t Be Arsed Hunt June 7-31

It’s summer time and you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you are enjoying the weather instead! This hunt is all about that right down to the hunt object you are searching for.

Hints found here : http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/cbahhints

Prize pics here: http://pouncehunts.tumblr.com/cbahprizes

We are offering this “laundry chore”. It does have a single hanging up laundry animation when you need to pretend to be working cause someone is watching. But once they are gone slip behind laze about or have a sip.

You can try out the animations and see the prize as usual nearby when you land.