Who’s Who Hunt 2015


Get ready to hunt down all things WHO. Not only is there the reagular hunt path but at the end a small maze will lead you to a last set of gifts from the hunt sponsors!

FlyingArts is excited to be a part of this scifi themed hunt. Our hunt gift is inspired by Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor.

WHOs Opus #3 is a working radio tuner hidden in a Victrola. The item is mainly mesh with a land impact of 8. There are 5 stations preset : Krypton Radio (home of MarkWHO42s WHOniverse), SciFi OTR, Radio Riel, Steampunk – Radio Riel, Deiselpunk – Radio Riel. You can even add your own favorties in following the included instructions.


The item itself features an antiqued table with a velvet cloth covering, a bit of torn lace under a photo of Bessie I took at the 50th celebration in London, some records with TARDIS images on them and a lovely victrola.


So come on by and see if you can figure out WHOs pants would you choose?


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