Caspertech Grid Wide Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Get ready to hop on down either bunny trail for some fabulous gifts from marvelous creators across the grid. Spend your holiday weekend picking up some eggs with super surprises inside!

FlyingArts will have several eggs to hunt down at the store in-world during this event!

We are offering a cute little photo op scene that sits up to 3 avatars. Great for making Easter greetings to send to friends and family.

As well as this fun little Easter Treat Tray Giver :

And finally a cute painted egg chair with 5 sits for a single avatar.

Easter Goodies Out Now!

We have added three fun new items for Easter this year! A cute oversized egg pal in either decor variety or one with poses. Both have a selection of 13 faces you can choose from when you touch the egg.

We also have a fun oversized giant egg decorating scene with all sorts of fun poses. great for photo ops and decorating!