Cherry Blossom Festival – Nerds For Cures

CBF-Poster #1Nerds for Cures first Cherry Blossom Festival is one of their Relay for Life events in SL. Come support the fight for a cure to cancer while shopping some new and exclusive wares by 30 cool hip and nerdy vendors. details cam be found here :

Flyingarts will be offering quite a few new exclusive itemsĀ  such as a the Sakura Cherry Blossom Nook, The Sakura Butterfly nook, Sakura Furniture sets, Sakura radios with japanese station radio tuners, Special edition tees for guys and gals, and much more. We will also be bringing our who figure gacha along.




The Unknown Hunt 2015


Get ready to check out some great new stores in Second Life! The unknown hunt showcases stores that have opened within the last year. So join in and see the next up and comers before everyone else does. Hunt links and hints can be found at :

FlyingArts prize is a Sunburst Summer Fun Pack. It includes a mesh Tank suit for gals, a mesh Swim Trunk for guys, an attachable water float (mesh) with a back laying animation, and a mesh crate lounge with four animations.



April in WonderLand Hunt 2015


Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole again from April 1-30, 2015. The hint list and prize previews should be found here : .

FlyingArts has a great little literary nook for those who untangle the rhyme :
The CAT knows, but he’s not talking.
He just keeps smiling, till even that disappears.

The Alice Nook has a land impact of 3 and is decorated with hand colored illustrations from the original book. It also has 18 single animations ranging from sitting to reading to dreaming.


Side panel decorations:


Drawer detail shot:



Who’s Who Hunt 2015


Get ready to hunt down all things WHO. Not only is there the reagular hunt path but at the end a small maze will lead you to a last set of gifts from the hunt sponsors!

FlyingArts is excited to be a part of this scifi themed hunt. Our hunt gift is inspired by Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor.

WHOs Opus #3 is a working radio tuner hidden in a Victrola. The item is mainly mesh with a land impact of 8. There are 5 stations preset : Krypton Radio (home of MarkWHO42s WHOniverse), SciFi OTR, Radio Riel, Steampunk – Radio Riel, Deiselpunk – Radio Riel. You can even add your own favorties in following the included instructions.


The item itself features an antiqued table with a velvet cloth covering, a bit of torn lace under a photo of Bessie I took at the 50th celebration in London, some records with TARDIS images on them and a lovely victrola.


So come on by and see if you can figure out WHOs pants would you choose?