Christmas Cookie Countdown 2017

This year FlyingArts is offering up a fun themed advent running from December 1 – 25. Each day a new piece will be offered for free for that day. Once that day is done all items will be available for L$10 – L$75 through the end of December. So you can still pick up missed gifts cheaply.

Collect all 25 days worth of items and build a fun gingerbread homestead. The counter and chairs even have cookie creating animations in them. Notecard with the full advent worth of gifts including descriptions and land impact can be picked up by clicking the sign at the store.

All Hallows Eve Hunt Oct 7-31

Come join in the tricks and treats awaiting you on this trail!

Hunt Hints:

Hunt Prizes:

We are offering up a Skeleton Candy Giver. Watch ot for both the angry kitty and the greedy skeleton when you touch the bowl of candy to get a candy bar you can wear and eat. You know you need to keep your strength up while hunting!